encouraging friends


J Credence has researched and found fascinating details about Beowulf. She is not only writing, she is making You Tube videos.

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Michael Carr, despite recovering from a stroke, has put together his meditations with beautiful photography. It is in the process of getting published.

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Zen Garcia’s newest book represents the exhaustive compilation of notes gathered from his flat earth trilogy to create his presentation at the 2nd International Flat Earth Conference, held in Denver Colorado, November 14 to 18, 2018. The speech focuses on Enoch’s Book On The Courses Of The Heavenly Luminaries, how the celestial hosts move in circle around the North Star Polaris and not that of the sun. It also contains Laurel Austin’s photographs from the First International Flat Earth Conference, held in Raleigh North Carolina, 2017


My friend who lets me house and cat sit on the farm. She is the first person I was brave enough to give copies of my books to. Her encouragement and great quote is what gave me the confidence to start this website. She is an interior designer and is getting ready to sell many of the beautiful and unique items she has collected over the years (link coming soon)


My friend through thick and thin of life, single parenting, career changes, family situations, encouraging all my quirky endeavors, pushing me to publish books I’ve written a long time ago. She is passionate about protecting animals from the ills of society (link coming soon)